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The Dutch Yo-Yo Page is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. | Join the Dutch Yo-Yo Hyve at http://dyyp.hyves.nl.
Welcome to the new Dutch Yo-Yo Page!
Hi, welcome to the new Dutch Yo-Yo Page.

Thank you for visiting my website. This is our 10th year online, WOW!!! Until a few years ago the site was realy crappy and made with 90's technology. Then I decided it was realy time for a redesign. In some spare time I completly rebuilt the site and think that it looks pretty good now.
For historical purposes I still have the old website somewhere and I will put it online and link to it for those of you who'd like to see how it al started in the 90's.

Currently the development is at a standstill but I will try to finish the "dutch yo'ers" section A.S.A.P.. This section will have a list of dutch yo'ers so they can exchange there yo-yo experiances. This could later be updated with foreign yo'ers and a country selection.

  • If you have anything you'ld like to contribute to this site, feel free to email me at xip@xiphias.net.
  • Also, is you know of any yo-yo events, preferably in The Netherlands/European region, or are organizing an event yourself, please drop us a line and we'll add it to our events calendar.
  • If you sell yo-yo's, preferably within the european region or with shipping to the region, please let us know and we'll add your information to our WHERE TO BUY section, if you have a website and banner send them to us and we'll add them to the banner rotator.
  • Have your own yo-yo webpage? Let us know by sending us and email with your url, name, description, banner amd we'll add them to our links list.

  • That's it for now, back to coding the website. We hope to see you back on our new site soon.

    Happy yo-ing,

    Michael Rosa